There are only 400 sperm donors available in Canada and an estimated 30,000-60,000 babies are born each year in Canada as a result of donor sperm.  You do the math!       

Why are these numbers so low? 


In Canada the payment of sperm donors and the act of advertising to potential donors is prohibited leading to only one Canadian sperm bank (Origin) with a total of 25 Canadian sperm donors in its roster.  

Despite it being legal to import sperm from the US and Denmark, Canadian companies that import sperm into Canada and then sell it to Canadians currently only do so from US sperm banks. 

There are roughly 40 sperm banks in the US and only 5 of them that have partnered with Canadian companies to bring sperm into Canada. 

These Canadian companies are also knowns as importers and distributors and are the only places where Canadians can legally purchase sperm.  

We have 3 in Canada: CAN-AM Cryoservices, Canadian Cryobank, and Origin Sperm bank.  

Each of these 3 companies carries similar product from the 5 US sperm banks, once overlapping donors are removed from the total list, there are only 397 imported US sperm donors, and 25 local Canadian donors available to all of Canada for purchase.

New regulations came out February 4th, 2020, The Assisted Human Reproduction Act.  Canadian alignment with the up-to-date US and Europe sperm processing regulations means the potential for sperm from a larger number of donors to be imported.  

A new role of Health Canada is to approve international sperm banks for import.  

However, since the change to regulations, the number of imported donors has actually decreased from 500 to 397.  

Note: Sperm donor numbers were calculated in July 2023 (by adding up the unique donor numbers from each importer’s website), and may have changed since then.  

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