Whether you’re still deciding if buying sperm is for you, or you’re actively searching out the perfect donor.  I can help you.    

Vanessa Willson

Vanessa Willson

Healthcare Leader, Registered Nurse, and Single Mom By Choice (SMBC)

When I was 36, I made the bold decision to embark on the path to motherhood on my own, challenging societal norms. Motherhood had always been a heartfelt dream, but life’s twists and turns had delayed its realization.

The IVF clinic became a recurring backdrop. Four intensive rounds, each time with fewer embryos than anticipated, tested my emotional fortitude. But the aspiration of holding my own child fueled my determination.

Beyond the treatments, selecting a sperm donor presented its own set of challenges. Catalog profiles, accompanied by medical histories and audio recordings, felt insufficient. The weight of deciding on a donor, and considering the potential half siblings in Anna’s life, was daunting. I found myself oscillating between two donors, hoping with every ounce of my being that my decision would connect me to my future child.

Then came that magical moment: Anna’s heartbeat echoing through the ultrasound. She was not just the culmination of successful treatments; she was a testament to resilience, hope, and a profound love.

Each day with Anna serves as a reminder of the challenges I overcame. I’m acutely aware that many others grapple with the intricacies of assisted reproduction and the profound decision of donor selection.

While I haven’t yet formalized my role, I feel an increasing pull to guide others along similar paths, to share insights and offer support. As I cherish each moment with Anna, I also look ahead, eager to extend a helping hand to those on their own journeys, ensuring they find understanding and companionship.

For those of you interested in connecting with me I’d love to help you.  You can reach me at vanessawillson@hotmail.com (yes, I’m an elder millenial).